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Please click on the links below to see your childs year group challenge.


Nursery #30things Summer 2019 Challenge Sheet


Reception #30things Summer 2019 Challenge Sheet


KS1 #30things Summer 2019 Challenge Sheet


Lower KS2 #30things Summer 2019 Challenge Sheet


Upper KS2 #30things Summer 2019 Challenge Sheet



The children have been working hard on their #30things challenges

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Homework 2018-19


A key focus for 2018-19 will be the relaunch of homework as home learning to reinforce our

commitment to a strong learning partnership between home and school, extending 

opportunities for learning outside of the school gates. We want to unlock potential whilst

providing opportunities for our children to grow.



Why homework at HCPS?


  • Enable children to make maximum progress in their academic development;
  • Individual homework encourages children to develop confidence and self-discipline to study on their own and prepares them as independent learners;
  • Promote opportunities to build on life skills to prepare our children as future learners;
  • Develop skills and understanding, particularly in English and Maths, revising consolidating and reinforcing through additional paractice at home;
  • Promote co-operation between home and school and strengthen the partnership to help all children succeed.

What homework will be given?

Homework will be split into two parts; Non-Negotiables and #30Menus

  • 3 Non-negotialble activities will be given each week linked to:


homework owl - Copy   Reading at home,

homework bee - Copy   Phonics/Spellings and

homework spider - CopyMaths activity - linked to a deep understanding of Number


  • Following a similar format to the #30things grids last year, the children will be aiming to complete age-appropriate #30menu across the year. Each term, a menu is given, which will be stuck in the childs learning logs

2017-18 #30things                                                                           2018-19 #30Menu

30 5-6         blue arrow       30 5-6 18


  • Children will choose an activity/experience from the menu for that week to complete. Families can choose the activities that suit their child’s interests and home life, enabling learning to be supported effectively at home. Each term there will be a focus. In the Autumn Term, the majority of activities are based on health and wellbeing. 


  • Over a term, 10 activities will need to be completed, including 1 ‘Special of the Week.’ Each Menu will have 2 of these ‘Specials of the Week’ which may take slightly longer than the other menu activities.


How will children record their homework?


  • Reading to an adult will be signed on the child’s ‘100 Challenge’ sheet by an adult on each occasion. (A maximum of 1 box can be signed per day)


Capture 2018-09-09 09 09 26

At each ‘Star Stage’ (25/50/75/100 reads) children will record in their learning log what book/s they have read and their favourite part so far  

Once a child completes their ‘100 challenge’ sheet, they will earn a prize, certificate and will then move to the ‘200 challenge.’


A ‘read’ is classed as:


  • Nursery/Reception: Reading with an adult for 10 minutes in a day.


  • Y1/2: Reading with an adult for 15 minutes


  • Y3/4/5/6: Reading with an adult for 20 minutes.



A ‘read’ can be reading a school reading book, reading a magazine/paper, article from a

website, leaflet etc – we want to promote positive attitudes to reading.



  • Each child will have a Learning Log and their first task at home will be to back their journal with stick back plastic, provided by school to ensure it lasts the year.


  • In the journal, a child will record spelling/phonics practice, their maths activity and evidence of #30things challenges.


  • Evidence of the challenges can take the form of pictures, write-up of the event in journal, adults simply dating/signing next to activity on the menu in learning journal etc.


  • There will be a whole-school display that will build up throughout the school year; raising the profile of Home learning and the strong partnership of learning between Home and School.


  • Tweets, using the school twitter account will also be used for great examples from the #30menu activities.



How will home learning be marked from September 2018?


  • Parents and children will be made aware of the expectations for marking home learning during the meet-the teacher meetings in September.


  • The aim is to have a balance in encouraging children learning at home and recognising effort whilst ensuring it reflects our commitment to teacher workload.


  • Staff will monitor the non-negotiables through progress in class (reading lessons, 1:1 reading, and Maths lessons.) They will read any home learning presented in the Learning Logs by a simple tick and an initial of the adult marking.


  • It will be made clear to parents and children that teachers are not expected to mark spellings, punctuation and grammar errors in children’s work, but will correct any factual errors.


  • Marking of the Maths activity will form a tick and will then be part of the learning discussions in class, including verbal feedback between teacher and child.


  • Reference to home learning will be made at Parent-Teacher meetings and in the child’s end of year report.






Home learning to be reviewed in April 2019 by a range of stakeholders, including. Parents, Staff, Governors and Children. From this, all stakeholders will also have the opportunity to give ideas for the Summer Term #30menus.




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Our Top Tips for the Ultimate Learning Log:


  • Use the high standards that you have in your school books when working in you Learning Journal at home.
  • Ask a member of staff if you need to borrow resources like pens and paper.
  • Check that you have taken your reading book/record and Learning Journal home, ready to work hard.
  • If you are unsure on your homework for th week, ask a member of staff BEFORE homework is due in
  • We want you to do the very best you can do in your homework, so make sure you find a quiet space and some time to complete your work.
  • Ensure an adult in your family signs and dates your homework/reading record each week.
  • Remember when you need to hand you Learning Journal in - we want to see this hard work!

Will your homework be tweeted or be on our Whole-School display?

Remember: Impossible is Nothing


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