School Ethos

Hunslet Carr Primary School

In September 2017 we reviewed and agreed this vision statement with Staff and Governors.


High expectations


Positive attitudes


They show our community what we strive to have and provide for the children we teach.

They are at the heart of all we do to try to make this school the best place it can be for your children.

We hope you see these words in action as you walk around our school.

Our school aims are to develop children who are/can/have:

Skills - Successful

Fluent and confident in the R / W / M

Communicate with confidence

ICT skills fit for the future

Life skills – social, money, time, dining, cooking

Safety skills – Swimming, healthy choices

Problem solving – Patience & Resilience

Managing Feelings

Attitudes - Positive Attitudes

Confident, proud and independent

To believe that ‘Impossible is Nothing’

Celebrate the achievement of other

Understand & celebrate a range of cultures

Take responsibility for themselves & others

Be honest and learn from mistakes

Respectful, caring and helpful




Experiences - Caring

To experience Family Style Dining

Going away on a residential trip

Visiting a range of places of worship

Look after an animal or grow a plant

Range of trips to theatres/farms/beaches

Taking part in public performances

The opportunity to represent the school

Knowledge - High Expectations

High school ready English & maths

To know about local places of interest

To know where we are in the world

Life skills – social, money, time, dining, cooking

Information about possible careers

To know major historical facts

To know their own strengths